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“Don’t Give Up” March 28, 2008

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My ten-year-old son, who has Asperger’s, lists this as his favorite song – Josh Groban’s, “You Are Loved.”  He says it is about “perseverance in the world.”


The Joys of Flying… March 27, 2008

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This is my favorite comedian, Brian Regan, discussing life at the airport and such.


Birthdays March 25, 2008

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Hello again! Glad you came back. Well today is my birthday. I won’t say my age….that only shows I am getting older. It is interesting how we love birthdays as a child, but not so much when we are more mature. My son made me laugh about this….when he realized my birthday was today, he quickly asked, “Is the party after school?”


Hello world! March 14, 2008

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This is my first babystep to blogging. Can you hear the chewing sound of me eating my words? This is one thing I never thought I would do. I talk but do not write. My husband writes….